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Cascade West Seed & Packaging Products

Forage Seeds

Feeding the worlds livestock


We offer proven forage grass seed, legumes and forage grains for overseeding, grazing and hay applications. for both domestic and export markets.

1. Annual Ryegrass
  a. gulf
  b. tetraploid

2. Tall Fescue
  a. K-31
  b. Fawn

3.  Clovers
  a. white clover
  b. medium red
  c. crimson clover

4. Forage blends and mixes.

5. Forage Oats

Annual Ryegrass


 Annual ryegrass is primarily used for pastures and quick cover in erosion control plantings. In the South, it is used as a winter annual for overseeding warm season grasses. 



 Clovers can be planted alone or in mixtures for numerous reasons: they produce an abundant crop,  fix nitrogen, and grow in a wide range of soils and climates. They are palatable, high in protein and a nutritious forage for livestock and wildlife, and they work for either pasture or green manure. 

Tall fescue


 Tall Fescue is a robust long-lived, comparatively deep rooted, bunchgrass. The broad flat leaves are smooth and shiny on the underside, with pronounced ribs on the upper surface.